Day 220

I ate a couple of things yesterday that I suspected would have a negative effect on my weight loss. For lunch, I had a Montreal bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. It was really tasty! In the evening, Leslie and I watched a movie, sharing a bag of microwave popcorn (with Dill seasoning). Again, it was really yummy. I am with my wife, and it is a very short trip. I am not going to go completely off the rails, but I do not expect to lose tremendous amounts of weight this week.

When the bathroom scale showed me not only three pounds down from yesterday, but also below my 320 pound milestone again, I had to run into the bedroom to share the great news with Leslie. After a very good night’s sleep (the best I have had in a couple of weeks or longer), this was just the icing on the cake. Mmmm… caaaakkkee….!

Leslie and I are going for a walk this morning. We are going to try to do a five kilometre walk along a path that I am very familiar with. The mercury is already flirting with the 30° Celsius, on its way to a high of 34°. That is extremely hot for Toronto, but not really for Texas. I think Leslie will make it just fine, and I am not expecting to break any records, just keep pace with her.

Later in the day, we are going to go to the Asian markets… there is a Japanese store that we love, and next to it there is a Japanese bakery. We need a few things for the house, and Leslie needs bread for her son. Both will be easily accomplished there. Who knows? After a wonderful walk (and on a day my weight is at its lowest point ever) we might even treat ourselves to a Japanese doughnut. The problem is that there are so many wonderful indulgences at those stores, and I can only pick one cheat per day! Decisions, decisions…

It is going to be another wonderful day with my wife, and I am looking forward to relaxing with her later with a cigar and maybe a drink.

Have a great day folks!

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