Day 224

I hate leaving Dallas, only because it usually means I am leaving my Leslie. Fortunately, this time it is only for three weeks. I will be back in twenty-two days, which makes me happy.

Last night, we decided to get dressed up and go out for a nice meal. We went to her favourite sushi restaurant, and with regard to my weight management program, we definitely splurged. It was our last night together, and it was our opportunity to dress up. She looked positively ravishing in a cute and flirty purple dress; when she does her makeup – I mean, when she goes all out – she is completely irresistible. We overate for sure, including a splurge with desserts. As we drove home I told her that even if I gained five pounds from the meal, it was worth it.

As it happens, I did not gain weight. In fact, my weight this morning was back down to match the lowest weight I was at on the third day of my visit. Before I flew out here, I wrote that a victory would be to come back to Canada no heavier than when I left. Barring huge and unexpected somethings, I should weigh less tomorrow morning than I did a week ago today, the last time I weighed myself in Canada.

I did not eat as well as I could have during this trip, but I also did not eat nearly as badly as I could have. I did not make any fancy (and fattening) breakfasts, and when I was not eating my (usually one) daily meal, I was primarily sticking with my meal replacements. I had only one alcoholic beverage during the week, although I did smoke a good number of cigars. While the anti-tobacco lobby may frown on that, there are no implications on my weight… at least, not negative ones. I have said since the beginning that as long as I am not snacking with them, cigars are a great way for me to not eat, often when I really want to eat.

I should also mention that during this visit I also went on two great fitness walks, which likely contributed to my weight loss. I was surprised that I was able to push myself so hard in the heat, but I did… and it paid off!

As I was checking in for my flight last night, I was told that it was overbooked, and I voluntarily placed myself on a list of passengers willing to be bumped to a later flight in exchange for compensation. This is the first time I can think of, with many hundreds of flights behind me, that I want to be bumped. That would not only mean that I might get to spend an extra day or two with my wife, it would also cover the cost of my next trip down here. Here’s hoping.

Barring that, I am now five hours from being at home with my doggie. I love her and miss her, but yes Sophie, I would rather be with my wife. Please forgive me.

Have a great afternoon folks!

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