Day 190

While my weight was down this morning, it was only a slight drop, and nothing to counteract the huge jump from yesterday. Nonetheless, I am going to keep on track. I still weighed in above 330-pounds, which is a huge psychological bump for me. I hope that by the weekend I have gotten back below... Continue Reading →

Day 181

I mentioned yesterday that I love it when the numbers on the bathroom scale are kind to me. This morning’s drop of 2.2 lbs is a result of several things that I did yesterday, including mostly good eating, a really strong walk, and drinking a lot of water. It might also be partially a correction... Continue Reading →

Day 180

For the second time since starting my weight loss journey, I was away for nearly a week, which means that I did not weigh myself during that time. I find that my daily weigh-ins are one of the best tools I have for keeping myself (mostly) on track. Because of that, I am always worried... Continue Reading →

Day 178

My passport finally arrived at 1:10pm yesterday, and after stopping for gas I was on the road by 1:18pm. As expected, I had problems at the border, but they did let me in. Yay. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then a bagel while sitting and waiting with Stephane. I did buy some... Continue Reading →

Day 176

Yesterday I ate relatively normal… but yes, I ate shawarma for lunch and rotisserie chicken for dinner. I avoided temptation several times, including when my friend asked me to get her a Boston Maple Cream doughnut at Tim Hortons. This morning I met Esti for brunch and I was mostly good… a bagel with lox... Continue Reading →

Day 175

I was mostly good yesterday, despite extreme anxiety in the morning. Coffee with a friend and then music and cigars on the open road are a good prescription for what was ailing me. Unfortunately I was most of the way to Montreal when I realized I forgot my passport at home. I asked my son... Continue Reading →

Day 173

I am not surprised that I gained four pounds over the weekend, and nearly six pounds since the day of my birthday. It could have been worse. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that in my sadness yesterday evening I had two large bowls of cereal right before bed.... Continue Reading →

Day 166

The day started earlier than needed when a Princess Sophie decided she wanted to go out earlier than usual. Okay, 7am is not really a stretch, so Leslie and I took her for a walk. When we came back, I resumed my normal morning routine. The bathroom scale showed a great number… 2.4lbs down! I’ll... Continue Reading →

Day 165

Leslie and I are at the airport on our way home to Toronto. Getting through checking in and Security was a breeze… even though the TSA agent at Security was a bit of a prick. One of the advantages of flying business class is that when all of that rigamarole is behind us, we can... Continue Reading →

Day 153

I have posted on my blog these last few days, but I have not written in my journal. Why? Here’s what has been going on.Friday, I thought I was just exhausted because of the release of anxiety from being allowed back into the United States. I also felt I was catching a cold, which at... Continue Reading →

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