Day 237

It was no surprise this morning when I stepped onto the scale to discover I was up nearly half a pound. While the Goldfish crackers might have contributed to that, I suspect it was more just righting the tremendous drop from the day before. Losing six pounds in one day is unbelievable, and more often than not will right itself, as it did.

If we assume that the tremendous walk was an offset for the cheat, I find myself exactly where I should be. Yes, I would like to get back below the 315lbs mark (as I was ever so briefly, a week ago today), but that will take a few more days. I would love to get to 310lbs by next Thursday when I am getting onto an airplane to see my wife! In the meantime, I am going to the doctor’s office tomorrow to get weighed, and I am truly hoping to be down at least 2kg from two weeks ago. If it wasn’t for that pesky trip to Montreal…

While today is Tuesday, and I should in theory be going to Taekwondo, I am having dinner with my son the younger, and that will most likely conflict with the class. In case we end early (which is quite likely), I will take my dobok in the car with me. I would like to get back onto the mat, if possible, but at the same time, spending time with my son is more important.

On that Taekwondo front, the 7:00pm class is for Black Belt preparation class, which will be good for me because I do need to relearn the patterns that I needed for lower levels. The 7:45pm class is the teen/adults class (all belts), so while it will be a good workout, I do not expect that it will help prepare me for my test… whenever that might be.

Speaking of which, I just remembered that my Master called me last night, and I need to call him back. With luck, he might have time to meet for a coffee between my dentist appointment and meeting my son. If not, then hopefully later in the week.

Thinking about it now, there is little chance I will be able to go for a walk today. Between now and 2pm there is a 70%-100% chance of rain every hour. At 2pm I have a dentist appointment. If I would not be sweating like a pig from it, I might walk in Oakville between the dentist and meeting my son, but there is no way to make that work. In the evening, I will either be with my son, or at Taekwondo. I am going to have an enforced day off. Fortunately, the forecast from tomorrow through Saturday is dry, so I’ll be able to get my steps in for the week.

My plans for food are to make my chicken and salad for lunch, then a meal replacement or two in the evening. Hopefully I will be able to stick to the plan, especially with the enforced no-eating-for-an-hour-after-the-dentist zone.

Have a great day folks!

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