Day 242

Today is the day that I get back on track. Sunday, September 18th. It is precisely two years to the day since I lost my footing after Yom Kippur services, and my life went from one of disciplined eating to one of unabashed gluttony. Rather than getting dressed as I usually do this morning, I donned my walking kit, even knowing that it would be two hours before my fitness walk.

My slide into sloven ended today. My weight loss slide ends today. Today is the day I hit the road and dig my heels in and say, ‘I am not sliding down this slippery slope any further!’ I have had my meal replacement, I am nearly through my second cup of coffee, and I am not going to cheat on my weight management program today. Tomorrow morning, I am going to wake up, step on the scale, and I will be pleased with the numbers.

I have a lot more to write, but the truth is that I have a short window of opportunity. According to the weather forecast, it might start raining by noon. If I go out now, I will be back by 11:30… sweaty but dry. Maybe I’ll take my hat, just in case. After all, meteorologists were put on this earth to make psychics look respectable.

Have a great day folks!

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