Day 243

My plan for this morning was to go to the courthouse in Milton to get a copy of the divorce certificate from my marriage to Theresa. Last night I started to worry that I might have a problem… today is the funeral for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and it is a federal day of mourning, with all federal and many provincial offices closed. I did not know whether the courthouse, a joint provincial and county building, would be affected. I decided to call ahead in the morning.

Before I wrote my article I did just that, and it’s a good thing that I did. Yes, the courthouse would be open… but counter services were only offered until 11am, which meant that if I dawdled at my computer, I might miss the window. I went, I got it, I am home. The day goes on.

I rather expected to be at the courthouse for hours. In fact, I was out within fifteen minutes. While I was in Milton, I went to visit a couple of friends for a few minutes each, but I am now home. In a couple of minutes, I will start preparing lunch. This afternoon, I am getting my haircut, as well as hopefully selling an end table that I have been trying to offload for months. If the person does come to pick it up, I will be quite pleased.

I don’t have much else planned for the day. I originally thought the day was going to be really busy, but the short time at the courthouse essentially ended that notion. I will probably do some reading, but if the weather cooperates, I might go for a nice walk. We’ll see how it goes. It rained for a bit this morning, but as of right now, the forecast is quite nice.

There are two dogs playing behind me. Charlie (Princess Sophie’s very good friend) is over for a visit, and they are play-fighting on the couch. It is so nice to have them playing. Happy dogs are such a joy!

I will also print a return label for Amazon, which I nearly forgot about. I bought a hard drive for my friend’s computer, but now that he is buying a new computer, I can return it. So often in the US, Amazon returns do not require a box or a return label. I forget that in Canada it is never so simple. I’ll print it and drive down to Purolator on my way back from the barber. It is only a $50 hard drive… but it is my $50!

As I hoped, the bathroom scale was going the right direction this morning. I am now only 2.5 lbs from my best weight, which means that if I keep up the routine, I might hit that again by Thursday. Eating well, walking a lot… not tough, right? Sure…

Have a great day folks!

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