Day 248

It was a relief this morning to see that I dropped back under the 320lbs threshold. The number on the scale yesterday really freaked me out. I am glad to be back under that mark. It is all thanks to Leslie – her aura is conducive to weight loss. Yes, that is an inside joke! Seriously though, I had a couple of opportunities to go off track, and she helped me to stay the course.

We had a lovely day yesterday. We had some errands to run in the morning, and when we came home, I made Leslie her salmon melt (as I wrote about yesterday). When Leslie finished work, we got ready for our fun evening at the cigar event. On the way, we stopped to have passport photos taken. We need that for some paperwork we are filing.

For dinner, we decided on Portuguese chicken. Leslie loves a particular place, and I can see why – the food was fabulous! While we ate later than I normally would, the meal itself fit right into my regular meal plan – chicken with vegetables. It was absolutely delicious, and I look forward to going back there soon.

Despite the late dinner, it turned into an early night. We were both tired, and I had no problem being in bed by 10pm. I obviously needed the sleep, as despite a couple of pitstops, I did sleep through to morning.

Today we have very little planned, but we will have a great day together I am sure. I might go for a walk, we might spend some time at the pool. Who knows? It is a beautiful day in Dallas, and we will enjoy it together.

Have a great day folks!

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