Don’t Lose Your Head!

It is important, whatever one’s state of mind, to be prepared. When one is not prepared, bad things can happen. Fortunately, sometimes those bad things can be mitigated, and no harm is actually done.

I was not in a great frame of mind when I left the house this morning to go for my walk. A misunderstanding led to a miscommunication, which led to my mind being elsewhere as I prepared to embark on my fitness walk. The consequences were that I left the house wearing my wedding band (my fingers swell when I walk, making it extremely tight) and my chain (no big deal) … and I left without water. Even if the thermometer was not tipping over 90° Fahrenheit, that is never a smart move.

In fact, I left without my satchel, which is strange because I seldom go on a fitness walk without it. I even went looking for it (and found it) before going out… and then left it right where it was. When I say my mid was elsewhere, you can believe it truly was.

I never walk with my wallet. I keep a few dollars in both Canadian and American in a pocket of my satchel, in case I need to buy a drink along the way. Without the satchel, I did not even have that. Fortunately, I do have a payment method set up on my phone, so halfway through my 7km trek I was able to stop at a convenience store and pick up a bottle of Gatorade.

  • Distance: 7km (10.5km)
  • Duration: 1:11:22 (1:42:06)
  • Average Pace (Min/km): 10:11 (9:43)
  • Best Split-Pace Kilometre: 9m33s (9m26s)
  • Steps: 8.7k (13k)
  • Calories burned: 857 (1,261)
  • Elevation gain: 27 (31.7)
  • Average cadence (steps per minute): 120 (126)

I broke no records today. Well, I think it is my longest walk in Texas thus far, but that is not really important. It was a good walk. Not only did I get a lot of exercise, I had the opportunity to clear my head and to think. Unlike the last several walks (during which I have been listening to audio books), today I listened to my music. I did not have to focus on anything other than putting one foot in front of the other, and to not walking into traffic. I was able to think about things and come back home with a clear head.

I suspect that after lunch, Leslie and I might grab a couple of cigars and head down to the pool. It is a mighty hot day out there, and Leslie found a new cigar that she loves at the event last night. I will be happy taking a couple of decent sticks (also most likely purchased at the event last night) and spending a lovely few hours soaking and smoking with my gorgeous bride.

Leslie is preparing chicken dim sum for lunch. I am excited about that, and think that I earned it, what with my foray into the heat this morning.

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