Day 267

Yesterday went almost exactly as I predicted. After breakfast and coffee, I took another cup of coffee and spent the day at the cigar lounge, this time sitting on the patio most of the day. The mistake that I made was that I neglected to pack a couple of meal replacement bars into my kit, so I got there with nothing to eat. My options were to order food in, or eat nothing. Surprisingly, I opted for the second option.

When Leslie came to pick me up, we headed right home, and I had my second meal replacement of the day. She was hungry too, having spent the day at the office. Rather than eating another meal replacement bar (which was already in my hands), we decided to go for an early dinner. We opted for Mexican food. What we ate was mostly healthy and program-friendly, with the exception of the nacho chips. Those chips with salsa, sitting on the table in front of two very hungry people who hardly ate all day, were too tempting for both of us.

I weigh more this morning than I did yesterday, but that is more likely an adjustment, and not because I ate nacho chips at the restaurant. Aside from the fact that I was sedentary all day yesterday, I had also dropped nearly six pounds in two days. That is a lot of weight, and it makes sense that it adjusted back… I am glad it was only .6 of a pound, and not more.

My foot is still hurting today, but it is more of an ache than an agony. Even last night it was feeling like someone dropped a bowling ball on it. Now it feels… like it’s in a bit of pain. It is still enflamed, and looking at my two big toes side by side there is a noticeable difference. I continue to take Ibuprofen for it, but will probably add Naproxen to that for a couple of days to reduce the swelling. In the meantime, I will not fitness-walk today, but I will walk to the UPS Store to drop off packages… and maybe I will walk around the block to make it a 3-4km walk. We’ll see.

Leslie and I both bought new laptops yesterday. She gets an employee discount on Microsoft Surface devices, and I have been using Surface for a decade now. I am looking forward to my new laptop… but I likely won’t receive it until Leslie comes to visit me next month, because I am going back to Canada on Sunday. Oh well, I can wait.

My plans for the day are… none. I have no plans for the day. I have errands to run, which won’t take an hour. I have leftover Mexican food for lunch. In the afternoon I will likely do some reading. In the evening, Leslie and I will spend another magnificent evening together on the patio… just as we did last night. It was our first day without her son in two weeks, and it was quite quiet and relaxing. We were able to have a lot of great conversations about a lot of things that we cannot discuss in front of the child. Tonight, we might shift our location from the balcony to the pool area, but that is a decision we can make anytime between now and then. I do not know what we will do for dinner, but it will be healthy. Maybe I will make chicken… we will see.

Oh, we also picked up her new eyeglasses yesterday. I point this out only because we were not able to pick up my new eyeglasses yesterday. We ordered them from the same store that uses the same lab at the same time, but hers came in last week, and mine will come in next week… after I am back in Canada. Yes, Leslie will be able to collect them and mail them to me… but it would have been nice to get them before I left.

Have a great day folks!

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