Day 271

Welcome to Canada… and to a week of work! I am not really employed, and I do a lot of contract work. This week, I will be teaching an IT Security class, which I rather enjoy.

The plane ride home was quite comfortable. I was in an exit row on the aisle, and when I took my seat, I joked to the woman in the window seat that we now had to pray that the middle seat remained vacant. I do not know where I get my luck from, but on an aircraft that had two empty seats, the one next to me was in fact one of them, making for a slightly more comfortable flight. As anticipated, I did have the proffered pretzels and cookie, but only one… plus a meal replacement bar at the beginning of the flight. While in the air I wrote an article for my cigar blog on different types of lounges, and then I watched part of a movie I have seen before we landed.

Getting from the airplane to the house was a lot less stressful than it could have been… and than it has been. I am not sure if it was just a quiet Sunday afternoon, or if the elimination of the Covid procedures at Canada’s airports made it so, but the line to get through Customs and Immigration was much shorter than it has been in recent trips. That, of course, is counterbalanced by the fact that I would have to wait longer for my luggage. The only stressful part of this was my son, who kept texting me and asking where I was. He was collecting me and can be a little tense. Once I was in the car, we headed home, stopping at the supermarket to collect the necessary provisions for the evening, and the next morning. They did not have the chicken pieces I usually get, and I decided to buy a seasoned Portuguese chicken that I would cut in half and make two meals of. I did not think of the sodium content until after I was home, but that’s not the worst thing in the world.

As I was putting my groceries away, I was surprised to see that I had most of a quart of milk left, and that it still had a couple of weeks before it expired. I was almost disappointed that I bought milk. That disappointment turned to elation when I opened that container to realize that while it did not smell bad, it was much creamier and thicker than 1% milk is meant to be. I did not take any chances, dumping it and starting my new container fresh.

I did have a snack last night that I should not have eaten. I finished an open container of Goldfish crackers. If that is the worst I did, then I will consider it a pretty successful travel day. The bathroom scale this morning was almost exactly where it was yesterday, but I was unable to move my bowels so I expect that I did well except for flushing my system. It would be nice if by tomorrow I could lose another pound… or at least, part of one.

I started the day by taking Her Royal Floofness to the park, where she played with some friends, and had a much more successful time pooping than I did. We came home, and while she lounges on the couch, I am at the computer, ready to start my class. I will prepare my lunch during the morning break, which will give me an hour to relax and eat. I had a Canadian meal replacement shake this morning but will have the American ones the rest of the day. I think that is going to be my routine until I run out of Canadian meal replacements, at which time I will be on US ones only. I do not expect the extra 65 calories in the morning will make a huge difference, but we’ll see how I feel.

Have a great day folks!

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