Day 279

I guess it was going to happen. After my vaccine, I found I was ravenous. I had crackers (the last of them) and pop chips (the last of them) but that was not enough. I was going to make myself a proper chicken meal, but I realized I had frozen all of my chicken. The large pack would not fit in the microwave to defrost, so I put it in the fridge to start on today and defrosted a steak. I could have kept eating but thank G-d I pulled myself away from the table and grabbed a cigar. The result? A 2.4lbs spike on the scale this morning. I stayed below that 310lbs milestone, but not by even half a pound.

I will do better today, and the weather is helping. To look outside, that might sound strange… It is a typical autumn day, but with heavy fog that is supposed to lift in the afternoon. I have a haircut booked for this morning, and Lyle was going to meet me there after I was done so that we could smoke a cigar, and then have lunch next door at Son of a Peach, a very good pizzeria. Instead, we are going to meet at his house at 2:00pm… after the fog lifts, but also after I have had my lunch, which will be what I am allowed to eat on my program. We will enjoy our cigars on his patio, and I will not be having a second consecutive cheat day.

Yes, I overdid my cheat yesterday, and I paid for it dearly. I suspect though that a lot of the 2.4lbs that I put on overnight is from the salt and water retention, which means that if I am good today, I should have a significant drop on the scale tomorrow morning. Either way, if that is the only ill-effect of the vaccine (well, and the injection point achiness) then I’ll take it and run. I did think I was getting the flu shot as well, but the technician at the pharmacy did not know anything about that, so I let it go… and called my doctor to make sure I could get it on my next visit, two weeks hence.

My ex-wife texted me this morning to tell me she was in the hospital, having had an emergency appendectomy last night. She assured me that our son the elder and her partner are taking care of our son the younger. I told her that if she keeps it up, she will surpass me in the number of scars. Hopefully I will not be much competition going forward, knowing that the last of my scars is over twenty years old.

Okay, it is time to head out to the barber. This afternoon I will be heading to Hamilton, but not before I come home for lunch… and Princess Sophie is explicitly invited to smoke with us, so I will be collecting her as well.

Have a great day folks!

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