Day 308

Today’s was an expectedly disappointing weigh-in at the doctor’s office. I know these last two weeks I have been taking a much laxer and cheat-friendly approach to my weight loss, and that is partially because of the utter agony I was in for ten days, and partly for other reasons which I will not rehash here. I know that in two weeks time – at my next weigh-in – I will be back on track.

My knee is still bothering me, but much less that it was just two days ago. This morning I took Princess Sophie for her walk, and we did the long walk around the park for the first time in a couple of weeks, just because it was the first time that I could walk the 2,000 steps without being in utter agony. Also, I would think, because Her Floofness has been completely unimpressed by the onset of the cold weather and snow, and this morning the snow had melted (it was warmer yesterday), and though it was chilly, the wind has died down and the sun was shining.

Yesterday’s dinner was homemade chicken soup with matzoh balls. I am so happy with how the soup came out, although my matzah ball technique needs some work. They tasted great, but I want to work on the size and consistency. That will come with practice. I am just glad that I had not disgraced the name of my ancestors by making lousy chicken soup. There are some things that every Jew should know!

This afternoon we will drive to Cambridge to spend a few hours at Ryan’s cigar lounge and man cave (the heated garage). I am looking forward to seeing my friend who I know has been suffering from a few issues and can use a friend to talk to. The cigars will be a secondary benefit… although a real one!

Team Canada squares off against the Belgian squad today, in our first World Cup match since 1986. I remember watching that last match (I was laid up in bed with a broken leg and watched it in the comfort of Donnie and Iris Hersh’s condo). We did not score a goal in that (or any other) match. Our Mitch’s-adult-life World Cup debut has us facing the top ranked team in the world, but I am still hopeful. After all, if Saudi Arabia (ranked 51st) can upset Argentina (ranked 3rd), then hopefully Canada (ranked 41st) can upset Belgium (ranked 1st). I will not be watching the match. Not only is Leslie trying to avoid the World Cup, I know that everyone at Ryan’s hates soccer. It should not be an issue today.

My plans for today are to not go off track too badly today. I will limit my snack intake and will be good. After all, I seldom overeat when I am smoking cigars! Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving, and while it not a holiday here, Leslie has the day off, so she and I will go to Lyle and Dorothy’s for dinner. We have been looking forward to that – they are absolute magicians in the kitchen, and we know that dinner with them will always be our best meal of the week. We are also looking forward to catching up with our friends.

Have a great day folks!

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