Day 311

Friday was a perfectly normal day in the Garvis household. Leslie and I did some shopping in the morning, and then in the afternoon she took a nap while I relaxed next to her. I have been experiencing a minor discomfort in my torso; it is not a stomach issue, rather in the muscles around my back and into my sides. It is nowhere near the level I would need to even speak with a doctor, much less make an appointment to go see one. Still, it is there, and I will pay attention to it.

After waking from her nap, Leslie prepared her special chicken salad, which I look forward to trying today. You see, after the preparation it must sit for twelve hours, so I did not even get a taste of it. I am eager to though and will report back tomorrow on how wonderful it is. We decided to add one ingredient to a small portion of the salad, and so one of the containers will have dill in it.

For lunch we picked up food from the prepared foods section of the supermarket. Leslie opted for pasta salad and a couple of meat balls. I chose a Thai chicken curry soup which was scrumptious! For dinner we had Chinese food, which will likely be my last really bad cheat meal before going back onto the program. Of course, there are leftovers of that and the Italian food, so those will be eaten before they go to waste.

As will always be the case after indulging in Chinese food, my weight was up slightly this morning. Was it worth it? I do not know. I think Leslie’s Lemon Chicken was, but my General Tao Beef probably was not. There is a huge container of leftovers in the fridge, and I strongly suspect that most of the beef will end up going into the bin.

Leslie is sad that we only have two more days together before she returns to Dallas on Monday. I am trying to keep that out of my mind, and just enjoy our time together. For the next two days we still get to sit together, laugh together, go to sleep and wake up together. It is difficult, but I try to focus on that… and not what will be after Monday’s dreaded drive to the airport.

This evening we are going to Lyle and Dorothy’s for the Thanksgiving meal that was aborted Thursday because of Lyle’s health. We are both nervous that Lyle will be overdoing things less than two weeks after suffering a stroke. We have voiced our concerns to Dorothy, and she promises us that she is doing most of the work. I think we cannot help but to be concerned about our friend. We told them that we are really looking forward to seeing them, but take-out fast food would be fine with us, whatever would require the least effort on his part. In any event, I am sure it will be a lovely evening; however concerned we are, he is a big boy who will decide for himself what he can and cannot do.

The weather forecast says it will be sunny with a high of 11° Celsius today, which means there is a good chance that Leslie and I will be enjoying a cigar on the balcony before we head to Hamilton. We have a couple of minor errands to run along the way. We will make a pit stop at Bulk Barn to collect some peppermint hot chocolate powder for her to take home with her, and we have to stop in at Pet Smart – or another pet store – because Princess Sophie broke her name tag yesterday. We have nothing else planned for the day, only to be together and to enjoy being together. It is a gift that we appreciate so much more for our long and frequent separations.

Have a great day folks!

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