Day 317

Some things are just too ridiculous to be made up. There is a lettuce shortage in Canada. Yes, there is an actual run on lettuce. It seems that much of Canada’s lettuce comes from farms in California that have of late been affected by a bug of some sort that has damaged or destroyed most of the crops. This is why I have been paying Five Dollars for a head of romaine these last few weeks.

The run on lettuce has, until yesterday, been a minor financial inconvenience. My son the younger and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, where he ordered his usual… ten pieces of boneless wings with barbecue sauce, and a plate of fried mozzarella sticks. I also ordered my usual: a crispy chicken salad with no cheese or bacon. All is well, right? All was well until the waiter returned to the table several minutes later to inform me that because of the lettuce shortage, the restaurant cannot currently serve salads, and would I like to order something else? Knowing that every other item on their menu would be completely incompatible with my eating program – and really any weight loss program – I decided to decline, eating my son’s celery and carrots (which he never eats), and waited until I got home to prepare my normal chicken dinner and salad (I am not hoarding lettuce, but I do have most of a head of romaine in the fridge).

I know what you are thinking. You know that my main meal is usually enjoyed at lunch, to maximize the digestion time between eating and going to sleep. Well, things did not go completely as planned yesterday, so I did not expect to lose any weight on my bathroom scale this morning. The 3.6 lbs. drop was a real shock, but a welcome one. I am still above 305 lbs., but I am still within reach of my goal to lose one hundred pounds in 2022. I have twenty-nine days to lose just over ten pounds. That is realistic… if I stick to my program.

My plans for today are, once again, to watch World Cup football with Eduardo. I will leave there after the second match, which should be around 4:00pm. I will stop at Fortino’s to pick up my challah, and I will call my beautiful wife to light the candles and to say the Sabbath prayers. If there is one thing I need today it is peace in my heart and in my soul. The blessings of the Sabbath do bring me a modicum of peace, and I desperately need that. I need other things too, but that is another story. I am reaching out for those things as well, and hope that I can get what I need.

Have a great day folks!

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