Day 334

I cannot say that I do not deserve for my weight to be up this morning. It is not because of the little Chanukah treats that I enjoyed last night (which were I so tasty!), but because on top of those, I added two bowls of soup and a bowl of popcorn. Let me say it one more time for the cheap seats: CHEATING WILL NOT LEAD TO WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS.

I originally thought it would be nice to have a steak to celebrate the Argentina victory, but I opted for my usual chicken and salad. Had I stopped there, and not indulged in all of the rest of it, I might be in a better place today. All I can do is try to do better today. I looked at the defrosted chicken soup in the fridge (which I took out of the freezer nearly a week ago) and realized that if I did not eat it soon, it would go bad. At this point I think I should have thrown it out rather than eat it, but I cannot change the past; I can only try to do better going forward.

I have a lot of studying to do this morning in preparation for a demo teach that I have to do at 1:00pm. After that, my cleaning lady is coming in the afternoon. I have done what needs to be done to prepare for her (laundry so that she can change the bedding, fold, etc…) and will be able to relax once she is here. I have some e-mails to respond to, but once today’s demo teach is done, I will be done for the year. I will do some studying in the next couple of weeks, but aside from a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, my calendar is clear. I will be able to split my time between relaxing, studying, working out, and seeing some friends.

Have a great day folks!

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