Day 343

No, I did not do well yesterday. I took my son for Greek food, and while I ordered a salad (which had way too much dressing and cheese on it), I also indulged in the pita and tzatziki. Other than that, I also ate too much turkey in the evening. One advantage of not having leftovers on a regular basis is that if I want to eat more than I cook, I have to actively make the decision to cook more. With leftovers, I simply go into the fridge, add more onto my plate, and I am done. Fortunately, the turkey that I brought home from Cam and Amanda’s will be done today, and I will be back to cooking as usual.

I do not have any great plans for the day today. I do have a session with my personal trainer, which means that I will spend a couple of hours in the gym, including a good workout, followed by 30-60 minutes on the treadmill. After that, I will spend 10 minutes on the hydro-massage table, then 15 minutes in the sauna. All of that should help my body remember the consequences of getting off track, and why I need to get back onto (and stay on) track for the new year.

I know I need to get back on track, not only with my fitness but with my diet as well. I also know that Saturday is New Years Eve, and I will be visiting with friends who are gourmet chefs. After that day, I am going back on my program… and will be in the gym as much as I can. I know that beginning the second week of January I will be teaching a lot, which is good… but I will still find time for fitness. While work is important, and as a consultant I need to make hey when the sun is shining, I also need to make sure I am healthy. I want to be alive and healthy for years to come… no matter how down I may get sometimes (see posts from 2-3-4 weeks ago).

As long as the weather cooperates, today should be a good day to sit on the balcony with a cigar. I am just praying that the wind is not too bad because the temperature will be above the freezing point all day.

Have a great day folks!

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