Day 371

The numbers on the bathroom scale were all over the place this morning. I don’t mean up a pound, down a pound… I mean it gave me readings of 249 and lower. I was worried I might have gotten out of bed missing a leg without noticing… until the screen flashed Lo indicating the batteries were dying. I replaced them, and got a couple of different readings once it settled down; both were lower than yesterday’s readings… but not by 40-150 lbs. While one of those readings was actually 290.0 lbs. – the number I was hoping to meet or surpass by this morning to go visit Leslie – I selected the more reasonable and likely the more accurate one. Down .6 lb. from yesterday. Steady as she goes.

Seldom do I wake up at 6:15am and cannot get back to sleep because of nerves and anticipation and excitement… but here we are. It is 7:55am, and I am sitting at my desk writing. I am showered, shaven, dressed (I changed my shirt three times before settling on the casual Polo button-down with the blue checkered pattern). Princess Sophie and I took our walk, I made my coffee and meal replacement, and here I am… waiting for the Uber to bring me to the airport. My bags are packed, and there is nothing… left… to… do. At 9:00am I will take Her Floofness over to the neighbour’s (The Dog Whisperer, as we call her) to spend the week, but that’s really all I have until the car comes. My passport wallet (which holds all of my American credit cards as well) is in my pocket, my boarding pass is on my phone, all of the papers that I need are in my carry-on… as is my laptop. Anxious, nervous, anticipation… and excitement. Counting down the hours until the car, then the line for Security, then US Immigration, then waiting for the airplane… then boarding, taking off, and if all goes well, in around 8.5 hours I will be with Leslie.

While I am really happy that the numbers on the bathroom scale were down this morning, I honestly have very little on my mind that is not directly related to seeing Leslie. It has been way too long, and we have way too many things to talk about… but just to hold her in my arms. It is a good thing I do not have to teach today… I don’t know that I could focus on anything. Go to the airport. Get through Security and US Immigration. Wait for Airplane. Board Airplane. Wait. Disembark Airplane. Walk to Baggage Carousel. SEE WIFE. HUG WIFE. Try not to cry.

I try to share my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and insight with regard to my weight loss journey in this diary, but really… this morning I got nothing. If it was not for the batteries in the scale, I might not even have written anything today. I probably would have left a quick note on the blog so as to not ruin the 145-day steak, but I have nothing to say about the weight loss program.

Have a great day folks!

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