Day 373

I have to remember that the numbers on the scale might not just drop because I want them to… even after a day of being really good… mostly.

I had my breakfast shake and coffee in the morning and then for lunch I picked up salads from Salad and Go (I had the Thai Salad with tofu and the peanut dressing, total 230 calories, but 20g of carbohydrates including 9g of sugar). Both prior to and following my class I had a protein bar (I differentiate meal-replacement from protein insofar as the meal replacements are all on my program, whereas any other protein bar is store-bought). I had a Royal Milk Tea in the evening (which also has sugar in it), and I had two Pringles; that does not mean I had two cans of Pringles… I had two chips. With those very minor aberrations from the program, I was hoping to see the numbers drop today, but it was not meant to be. I know that the adjustment back from the full-fast program to the modified program will take a few days, but I will continue to eat reasonably well. I do not want to return to Canada after a lax week being 5-10 lbs. up. I will continue to be careful… but the minute I am back on the ground in Canada, the full regimented program resumes.

My plans for today include a salad for lunch. Leslie and I are trying to decide what to have for dinner, but we have not made a decision. I am so appreciative about one thing though… I mentioned shawarma, and she gave me a look and told me how bad that is for me. I can justify it all I want that it is salad and chicken, but aside from the quantities (and I don’t think I have ever left any over), all of the above is doused in salad dressing, hummus, tahina, and garlic sauce; that is all before I even look at a piece of pita! I looked up the nutritional facts online (picking a Lebanese restaurant that I know in Montreal, as the menu options are similar). The chicken shawarma plate has 1,310 calories… with 69g of fat, 2,600mg of sodium, and 134g of carbohydrates. Thank you, but no. I am happy to indulge, but that is way too indulgent… especially since I gorged on sushi just two nights ago.

Since I wrote that paragraph, I have spent the last hour online trying to find a decent restaurant for dinner that would have reasonable choices. It is amazing how many restaurants down here do not have their nutritional information available – I called two restaurants which both told me that they do not share. I do not know if that is a major red flag, or if it is just a gentle reminder that if I am serious about being good, then I have to be even more mindful when this information is not available.

Leslie has been kvelling about the Peking Duck Spring Rolls from P.F. Chang’s, so I decided to look at their menu and see what I might be able to eat. No, I cannot even think about ordering any of my usual staples from Chinese restaurants, but by planning out my order in advance, I can have the hot and sour soup (which I will share with Leslie), one spring roll (we will order the plate which comes with two and we will share), and the Oolong Chilean Sea Bass. Total for the meal: 945 calories with 70g of carbohydrates. That is a reasonable plan… and although I will not make a habit of meals with that many calories and carbs, I am happy that Leslie and I can enjoy a night out without my falling completely off the wagon. I look at the 945 calories and balk for a minute… but then I remember that it was not uncommon for me to have meals with twice that, and many more carbs (and starches and everything else bad) before my journey. The fact that I am mindful and aware of it is a sign that I am really making the effort to change, and the 90 minutes that I spent online trying to find a reasonable meal was not a total waste!

It is 12:30pm, and I am going to run out to pick up our salads. It is a beautiful day in Dallas, and I know my gorgeous bride and I will take full advantage.

Have a great day folks!

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