Day 439

I am having a wonderful time, and I am not apologetic in the least (to anyone, but least of all to myself) that the bathroom scale has my weight slightly up again, on top of the tremendous jump from yesterday. It is not that I am overeating terribly, nor that I am making particularly bad food choices. For the second night in a row we came in very late and ate very late. I will get back on track today… I did have a bowl of cereal for breakfast (not a great choice), but lunch will be a salad, and for dinner I will prepare a nice piece of fish with a side vegetable – probably cauliflower.

I did make sure to get all of my steps in yesterday. I am not running for a couple of reasons (and will not run today) but I did get a lot of walking in. While my body is feeling mostly fine, I do still have that niggling blister on the bottom of my foot that is making me hold back for another day. According to my fitness watch I have hit my steps target eight days in a row; I would like to keep that going, even though I will still hold back from running. If I do not then that is not the end of the world – I have a lot of things going on today, including a meeting this afternoon and teaching this evening. Come to think of it, unless a miracle happens, I suspect my streak will end today. Not the end of the world.

My plan for today is to get back on track. My daily cheat was a bowl of breakfast cereal, which is not the worst thing in the world. I have already mentioned what else I will be eating. There will be cigars in the afternoon, and possibly in the evening as well. The main thing I have to remember is that after dinner (which will be later than usual because of my class, but not late) I will not eat anything else. If I stick to this plan, tomorrow morning the numbers on the bathroom scale should be a little forgiving of the last three days of transgressions.

Have a great day folks!

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