Day 441

I ended up splurging yesterday evening. We decided to go for burgers. It was sooo good, but it is not something that I will miss having for the next two or three months. It was my only aberration from the program, and I still did reasonably well. For the first time since I left Canada, my weight dropped ever so slightly this morning. It was a welcome relief, even though I made the conscious decision to get off the program for my trip. I am not upset by what I weigh today… I would just prefer for my weight to not go any higher than it is now.

This morning I had a bowl of breakfast cereal, which will be my last leavened food for eight days. My lunch will likely be a salad, but starting this evening I will be eating matzah (unleavened bread) with every meal. It is a Jewish tradition that commemorates the exodus from Egypt following the ten plagues; with the Pharoah Ramses II’s army chasing them, they did not wait for their dough to rise. Knowing the effects on the body that matzah can have, I suspect it might commemorate how tight their butt cheeks were knowing that if they were caught, they would be slaughtered. All this to say that 1) I am glad I have fibre for if (when) I need it, and 2) I am really glad that I have been able to clear out the backup in my bowels over the last few days, because it might be starting to build up again.

Speaking of that, yesterday morning I finally moved my bowels three times, which went a long way to relieving the stomach discomfort that I have been experiencing these last few days. I was also successful with that this morning, so hopefully that is a sign that my issues are abating. It was less painful today than it has been, which I hope is a sign that my hemorrhoids are finally starting to go down. These last few days have been uncomfortable in so many ways, and it is nice to know that these pains are not permanent. For a minute there it felt they might be!

My plan for today is to work, although in the afternoon I will migrate that work to the cigar lounge. I will have a salad for lunch, and after class this evening I will have a light dinner… maybe a chicken breast, but we will discuss our options shortly. I will start eating matzah as our laws and traditions dictate with dinner. Tomorrow, I have a lot of cooking and other food prep to do, which will take up most of my day. In the evening I will serve a traditional but very abridged Passover Seder meal, which will consist of the foods I prepare (including the full Seder Plate, but other than that it will be roasted chicken).

Have a great day folks!

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