Day 184

I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I was going to open today’s article with the words ‘Anyone who has ever set out to lose a lot of weight will tell you…’ As I look in the rearview mirror of my life, I remember too many times that I have gotten in trouble for speaking... Continue Reading →

Day 158

We had a Bonney day today! Last evening we went for sushi, and it was really delicious. We then went to Cigars International, where it was packed! We met another couple who were on their third date, and when they heard we were celebrating they bought us drinks and cigars. We really enjoyed our time... Continue Reading →

Day 157

I just failed my renewal assessment for one of my certifications. It is for a technology that I use, but I do not use most of the features. I will have to re-take the certification exam at some point in the future, but it is not something that I am particularly worried about.Last night was... Continue Reading →

Day 102

I was able to stick to the plan yesterday. I admit thinking at one point that a meal replacement bad – in addition to what I had eaten already – would have been nice. I did not indulge – to whatever extent a meal replacement bar would be considered an indulgence – and I went... Continue Reading →

Day 95

Sad news of loss is always a potential trigger for bad behaviour. If not outward, then certainly dietary. I was saddened to receive word last night that a friend of mine had passed away. I knew that I could not let my emotions get the better of me, and I stayed the course. I did... Continue Reading →

Day 94

Today’s article could just as easily be titled ‘Perception of Progress: Do not trust your memory!’ I suspect I will have a lot of people who know exactly what I am talking about.I am in the phase where I feel like I have lost a lot of weight, and that I haven’t lost anything.Anyone who... Continue Reading →

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