Day 443

Yesterday went exactly as planned, which is a good thing. The charoset that I made was a bit of a paste, but everyone enjoyed it so I will call it a success. My chicken came out great, and my wife and stepson’s first Passover Seder was a success. I am truly blessed.

This morning I got another positive reading from the bathroom scale, which is to say that I lost a little more weight. I made another omelet for breakfast, which I supplemented with a bit of matzah. I am going to be eating mostly protein for the rest of the day – there is plenty of leftover chicken for me to feast on, so I am not worried about hitting the carb-laden matzah too hard. This will be a smart move for many reasons, not the least of which is that matzah is binding, and my streak of mornings with successful bowel movements ended today.

If all goes well, my weight might drop back below 260 lbs. before I return to Canada, and if not then certainly in my first couple of days back. The fact that I was actually eight pounds up after just a few days off the program was jarring, but I also know I was having stomach issues which I could not ignore. I also know that I have not been exercising since I got here, which would likely have mitigated the severe weight gain. I am not at all upset though… my health must come first.

To my Jewish readers, have a Happy Passover; to my Christian readers, a blessed Good Friday. To one and all… have a great day folks!

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