Day 469

Had you asked me a week ago, I would have scoffed at the idea that my weight this morning would be back under 260 lbs. After all, that morning I weighed 263.4 lbs., and I was going into my travel/wedding weekend fully intending to be off the program completely. I not only expected to gain weight, but I was completely okay with it. Anyone who read yesterday’s entry knows that I ate very well this weekend… which is to say that I actually ate very poorly from the viewpoint of dieting and losing weight. While I had not been doing well on my program for the entire previous week, things really started when I got to the airport a week ago today. After a full breakfast, I had chips and other snacks on the plane. By the following morning I was another 2.4 lbs. heavier, and I expected that by the time we got back to Dallas (Tuesday night) I would easily weigh 270 lbs. Yesterday morning’s 4.2 lbs. drop from Friday was a tremendous shock; this morning’s further 2.4 lbs. drop from yesterday blew me away. Four days after the wedding I am back under 260 lbs. for the first time in nine days.

Why am I blown away? I had pizza for dinner last night. I was teaching so Leslie and her son ordered food, and I happily ate several slices while my students ran labs. It was not nearly as good as the pizza at The Stonehaus that I enjoyed over the weekend, but it was mighty tasty. It is usually a safe bet that any day that I eat pizza (much less five slices of it) I will gain weight. Not this time! This is just one more time when I admit that I do not understand the way my body works.

I am not jogging today, despite my writing yesterday that I probably would. I got into bed last night at a reasonable hour and could not sleep. At 12:30am I gave up trying, hoping that staring at my computer screen for a while would tire my eyes. I ended up writing an 1,800-word article for my cigar blog which I hope to publish tomorrow or the latest Monday. I went back to bed and finally fell asleep sometime after 2:30am. My Body Battery barely cracked 60/100 this morning, and I am not going to push myself into an injury. I will try again tomorrow. In the meantime, I will spend a couple of hours at the lounge this afternoon. I have an article that I promised my students that I would write for them, and I want to finish it today so it can be published tomorrow in time for our final class together. I will eat reasonably during the day – I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and I will pick up salads for Leslie and I for lunch. Dinner will of course depend on a number of factors, not the least is my seven-year-old stepson. Whatever we decide on, I will keep mindful and eat in moderation. While I doubt I will see another two-pound drop on the scale tomorrow morning, I will make sure that I am careful so as not to see any increase.

Speaking of jogging, I am not sure if I will be able to jog outside tomorrow. Starting this evening there is rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for every day from now through Sunday when I fly back to Canada. The high temperatures every day are forecast well above 90° every day as well. While the hourly forecast looks like the morning will be cloudy but dry with temperatures in the high 70s, I do not know how well I can trust that. If it is comfortable outside then I will jog outside; otherwise I will hit the treadmill in the gym. Either way, I am really hoping that tomorrow I can get at least some exercise in. It has been too long since my last jog!

Have a great day folks!

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