Category: Surprises

  • Day 314

    Leslie went home yesterday, and I am very sad. Last night when I got home (after a stop-over to see a buddy and have a cigar) I ate my feelings. Most of what I ate was not bad for me, but the quantity of what I ate was. I should also point out that I […]

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  • Day 313

    I was shocked to get on the scale this morning to discover I am three pounds down from what I weighed the first morning Leslie arrived. The surprise is from the fact that I have not been on my program. I have not been going overboard, but I have not been sticking to it. There […]

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  • Day 312

    Yesterday was a very relaxing day for us. I prepared an omelette for breakfast, and we shared the leftover challah roll from the previous evening’s Shabbat blessings. I then enjoyed a cigar on the balcony in the morning as Leslie sat knitting. We did not need the heater on which is impressive for November 26 […]

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  • Day 311

    Friday was a perfectly normal day in the Garvis household. Leslie and I did some shopping in the morning, and then in the afternoon she took a nap while I relaxed next to her. I have been experiencing a minor discomfort in my torso; it is not a stomach issue, rather in the muscles around […]

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