Day 82

While my weight yesterday morning did go up from the previous day’s, it was only by half a pound. Today it is back to where it was on Saturday, which means that for the third day in a row I have remained below 350 lbs.

The last few days I have been sharing an omelet with Leslie; I am relieved that these have not pushed my weight up at all. That is not to say that I will continue to make them for myself when she goes home, but I am happy that I it has not hurt my progress. I am relieved that Lyle and Dorothy did not want us to stay for dinner yesterday, and so before we left the house, Leslie marinated a couple of pieces of chicken, which we ate with her yummy rice. I succumbed to the temptation of a couple of pieces of her dried mango, but aside from that I was good.

Another huge non-scale victory is that I noticed a significant drop in the size of my belly and of my (groan!) man-boobs. It is not something that I have been paying ongoing attention to, but I know that they were GIGANTIC and now they are significantly less so. I think I will take this opportunity to measure my chest… okay, I am back… and I have lost about 2 inches on each of the three measurements. Woohoo… but I still have a long way to go.

I am going to pick up fish for dinner again, and while I am out shopping, I will have to remember to pick up Kleenex and vegetables… as well as eggs for tomorrow morning’s breakfast. If I can find a pack of 6 eggs that would be great, but I am not holding my breath.

I have been told to hold off on working on my customer until they figure out their budget for Q2. That means I have some reading to do, which I will do on the balcony with a cigar. I also have to go shopping, which I will do when Leslie gets onto her next call. She just told me that she has never tasted a bagel that she liked, so I am going to see if Fortino’s has a good Montreal bagel for her to try. They would not be authentic, but they would still be better than any bagel that has ever set foot in the State of Texas. That is not to say that I will buy one for myself… but I will buy one for her to try.

Later this afternoon, Leslie and I have to drive out to Etobicoke to run an errand, which will be a couple of hours of our lives that we will never get back. Don’t get me wrong, we will be happy to be together in the car… but we would be equally happy being together not in the car.

I have made another decision. If next week, when I get weighed at the doctor’s office, my weight in my clothes is still below 350 lbs, then I am going to treat myself to a steak. I have not prepared any beef for myself since January, and although I have had beef a couple of times (such as at Ryan’s house the other night), it has not been a juicy homemade steak. That will be my one guilty treat to commemorate my accomplishment.

Have a great day folks!

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