Day 108

Yesterday was a long and tired day. As I mentioned, I drove overnight from Burlington to Ottawa. I finished my presentation at 10:00pm, packed, and got into the car. I actually enjoy driving at night, and split the time between talking with my girlfriend and listening to an audio book… and smoking cigars of course. I pulled over at 2:30am to close my eyes for an hour and a half, and finally arrived at my office at 5:00am, where I slept another couple of hours before my friend showed up. I was under no delusion that at my age and size that sleeping in the car would be overly comfortable, but it was not too bad.

Yesterday’s breakfast was an omelet with cheese and onions, and lunch was a hamburger – no bun. Dinner was a mixed shawarma plate with salad but no rice or potatoes or bread. I actually did pretty well getting through the day! Really, the only cheating I did was the number of peanuts I snacked on. I will work on that today, but today won’t be a difficult day… I will not be spending a lot of time in the car. Yes, I will be eating a couple of meals, but I can be smart about them.

It felt really good when my buddy looked at me yesterday and said ‘Wow, you’ve lost weight!’ I look at myself every day and do not see the progress in leaps, only in minor increments. When friends who have not seen my in several weeks see huge improvement, and point it out, it makes me feel wonderful. Yay non-scale victory!

It’s a beautiful day in Montreal, and I am going to take it easy… after seeing my dad’s widow for lunch, I will just spend the day with friends. Have a great day folks!

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