Day 114

So yesterday was one of the great romantic days… and no, I did not take time out to blog.

There will be, at some point in the next week, a full article on Operation National Proposal, the way I proposed to Leslie, the planning, and the lead-up. I will not go into more detail now other than to say that she said yes!

I have not been eating very well these last couple of days, but I have also not been eating terrible. Yes, I had desert with dinner both nights, and I should not have… but I am on vacation. Yesterday morning I had a vegetarian omelet with a bowl of bran flakes, and some fruit (the fruit down here is absolutely amazing!!). For lunch, my fiancé and I shared a cheese sandwich, and yes I had two glasses of champagne to celebrate. At dinner I had a beef stir fry, some noodles, potatoes, and veggies. Could have been better, could have been much worse. Again, the desert… oh, and I had a glass of rum in the evening. Gotta do it when you’re in Vuba!

I do not know if I have gained or lost weight so far. I suspect I’m about the same. However I have lost the weight that I have been carrying for seven weeks that was Operation National Proposal; planning, perfecting, putting the pieces into place, and executing… all the while keeping Leslie in the dark. Down to the peacocks it was perfect and it was magical!

Okay, today is a do-nothing day. Have a great one folks!

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