Day 120

Today is the day that I get back on track. I dropped Leslie at the airport yesterday morning, but before I did, I took her to Stacked for breakfast. While I had the healthy option, I did take a few bites of her French toast. The drive to the airport and dropping her off is... Continue Reading →

Day 117

I guess the last few days I have let my journal fall by the wayside. The trip has been a rollercoaster of mostly good and a couple of hard moments, but it is hard to avoid those. As I sit here on the last morning in Cuba, I think back to what I have eaten,... Continue Reading →

Operation National Proposal

I knew a couple of months ago that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. We had a few ups and downs, but those were always caused by outside forces interfering with our lives. I knew in March that I was going to ask her to marry me, and I knew... Continue Reading →

Day 114

So yesterday was one of the great romantic days... and no, I did not take time out to blog. There will be, at some point in the next week, a full article on Operation National Proposal, the way I proposed to Leslie, the planning, and the lead-up. I will not go into more detail now... Continue Reading →

Day 112

Welcome to Paradise. As someone who knows the ropes, has been to Cuba before, and who knows what to expect, the hardest part about getting to the resort was the flight delays. I do understand that Leslie fits into none of those boxes, and was therefore anxious about a lot of it. I was happy... Continue Reading →

Day 111

Today is the day! I picked Leslie up from the airport last night, and it was so wonderful to have her here. I have had a bit of a stomach issue since yesterday afternoon, but that will not dampen our visit, nor will it interfere with our vacation. We are leaving the house in about... Continue Reading →

Day 84

I regained half a pound from yesterday, but that is not surprising, knowing that I had lost over a pound over the last few days. I am still maintaining below 350 lbs, which is confidence inspiring. It means that what I have been doing is working.It is likely that before I finish this article, My... Continue Reading →

Day 64

Another day of following the prescribed regimen, and once again the bathroom scale is down. I am quite pleased with that, but more important, I am feeling lighter today. The shirt that I am wearing, which a month ago had my belly hanging out, is now much more comfortable. It is a good day to... Continue Reading →

Day 52

Yesterday was a day of positives all around. As expected, I worked for a few hours before starting my weekend a bit early. I had a nice salad, and then I went to pick up a couple of boxes of shakes from someone in Hamilton who was selling them off. I then stopped into Costco... Continue Reading →

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