Day 119

There are several reasons why, over the past few days, I have missed blogging. Yesterday, Leslie and I landed at Pearson International Airport shortly after 3:00am; by the time we were through Customs and Immigration and collected our luggage, then drove home to Burlington, we poured ourselves into bed at 4:42am. If it was not for the annoying Covid screening test that she had to take within 24-hours of her flight home to Dallas, we could have stayed in bed and relaxed until we had sufficient rest. As it was, we got four hours of sleep, and while we made it through the day (and through today), we did so quite tiredly.

There are people who say ‘I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.’ This was not the case for us. Indeed, we got quite a lot of relaxing done over our six days in Cuba. It was a late night flight that was delayed (no surprise) that caused our state.

No matter. After the screening test, we picked up Leslie’s favourite Lebanese food for lunch, which she truly enjoyed… and which I enjoyed as well, both yesterday and today as leftovers. Yum! We had twenty-four hours left together, and we were going to make the most of them. We picked up HRF Princess Sophie after a quick trip to the grocery store, and we came home and enjoyed a lovely dinner together. It is sad that she had to go home… and that it will be another twenty-nine days before we are reunited.

All of this time, and no mention of weights. Let’s clear that up. I stepped onto the scale yesterday morning, and I had lost two pounds in the last week. That is a resounding success when on holiday! It is also likely a mostly meaningless number. Travel messes with my system, and I knew that todays and tomorrow’s numbers would be a better reflection of reality. Nonetheless, down is better than up. I was worried that vacation indulgences would see my body weight creep over the 350 lbs mark again. It did not. This morning, I was up from yesterday… but not up to the weight that I was at the day we left. I am about .4 lbs down from then, which is, as I said, a huge success that I will celebrate.

I should mention that last night I indulged. It was all emotional eating – I knew that Leslie was leaving today, and I was extremely sad. I was also stressed knowing how upset she is every time she has to go home. Let’s assume that the dinner that we shared – chicken gyoza and vegetarian spring rolls from the frozen food section at Fortinos, air fried to perfection, was a necessary meal. The handful of dried mangos that I ate was possibly excusable… fruit may have a lot of sugar, but it is still healthy. The chocolate covered marshmallow with M&Ms was a complete diet aberrance with no redeeming qualities other than taste. It was good, but the sugar rush made me sluggish and almost immediately sleepy. For someone who is not always good at seeing the immediate cause and effects of food, I am happy to see this. Lots of sugar equals no energy a few minutes later.

We slept well, and this morning, after Leslie took HRF for a walk, we carried her luggage to the car, then went out for breakfast. Yes, I ordered the Healthy Start meal, or whatever they call it. I did not indulge… beyond having two mouthfuls of Leslie’s French toast. Lunch was leftovers, and I am now back on my plan… I hope.

It was a great week, but now I have to get back to the serious business of losing weight.

Have a great day everyone!

One response to “Day 119”

  1. So do I now that I see I have not only stagnated but gained some amount of weight back. Who knows if this is due to the new meds or not. Will wait and see.

    I love you and I am so proud of your progress.

    Keep leaning on me when needed. We have a lot to look forward to!


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