Day 154

I did not sleep well last night, and so after I had breakfast, I went back to sleep. I got up and showered, and while I am staying awake, I am wondering if I will ever regain my energy levels. It is seldom that I am this tired for having done nothing.My weight this morning... Continue Reading →

Day 119

There are several reasons why, over the past few days, I have missed blogging. Yesterday, Leslie and I landed at Pearson International Airport shortly after 3:00am; by the time we were through Customs and Immigration and collected our luggage, then drove home to Burlington, we poured ourselves into bed at 4:42am. If it was not... Continue Reading →

But Was It a Workout?

As I prepared to leave on my walk, I decided I should install the Endomondo app on my phone. It is what I used to track my walks. I searched the app store, and it was not there. It seems it was discontinued. Oh well. I decided to try another one, which I installed, logged... Continue Reading →

Day 14

I almost made it through yesterday, but between two meal replacements I needed energy to continue my class, and I took fifteen almonds. That was my only cheat on the day. I was also happy with my water intake throughout the day. I will try to continue that.In my previous journal I mentioned how I... Continue Reading →

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