Day 124

I cheated yesterday, and I paid for it on the scale this morning. Yesterday morning, after a breakfast shake, I went to see my ex-wife and my kids. She had some things to tell me about Gilad’s development issues and tests, and I had to tell her that I was getting married again. Not to be outdone, she mentioned that her boyfriend will likely be moving into their house to live with them at some point soon, and the only reason they are not getting married is because he would then have to start filing tax returns in the US.

Needless to say, when they then put food down in front of me, I ate. I do not think I overate terribly. I ate two slices of sourdough bread (with chocolate chips – a collaborative creation of my son the elder and his mother) with margarine, and a bowl of oatmeal with nuts, and some freshly sliced fruit. Oh, and they also made eggs… and had I known at the outset that there would be scrambled eggs, I might have stuck to that… except for the information exchanged between my ex-wife and myself, which caused no small amount of stress.

I should mention as well that while my son the elder knew about my engagement, and has in fact met my fiancée, my son the younger did not, and I had to tell him as well. Fortunately, everyone seemed to take the news well, and it is possible that the stress and anxiety with which I spent the last week might have been for naught.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to the doctor’s office to get weighed and will then take Gilad for breakfast. He and I like to spend time alone once every couple of weeks, so even though I did see him yesterday, I will see him tomorrow as well… unless Theresa tells me that Thursday or Friday would work better. We shall see.

Yes, I am writing later than usual today. I had a class to teach, and now that it is behind me, I have some leisure time to write. Have a great evening everyone!

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