Day 146

There are moments of anxiety mixed in with the excitement, knowing that in a couple of days I am flying to Dallas to be with my fiancée. The last time I tried to enter into the United States, I was denied entry. I do not think this will be a concern on Thursday, although I... Continue Reading →

Day 130

I was terrible yesterday, and the numbers on the scale reflected it. Normally, when I go to Ryan’s house for cigars, I can withstand the temptations. For some reason, yesterday was an exception. I had nuts; I stayed for dinner (hamburger patties, not terrible); I had cookies for dessert (terrible). I even had one (yes,... Continue Reading →

Day 124

I cheated yesterday, and I paid for it on the scale this morning. Yesterday morning, after a breakfast shake, I went to see my ex-wife and my kids. She had some things to tell me about Gilad’s development issues and tests, and I had to tell her that I was getting married again. Not to... Continue Reading →

Day 122

Another day, another 1.6 lbs down. I definitely have no complaints about the bathroom scale this morning! I still have a couple of pounds left to get back to my lowest weight from May 5, but I am making good progress. I am still relieved that the week of vacation did not set me back... Continue Reading →

Day 100

I was slightly better yesterday than I was today. After my initial fear that I had nothing in the house, I discovered a piece of salmon in the freezer. I also had tomatoes and onions, and while that is not much, my mother used to make a lovely salad with just those two ingredients and... Continue Reading →

Day 99

It was 5:25pm yesterday when I pressed SAVE, and I knew for the first time that the material I need to present for my classes today and tomorrow were ready to go. That does not in any way alleviate all of the stress I am feeling over the class, but at least if I fail... Continue Reading →

The End of a Stressful Day

It is 9:15pm, and I am looking back on the day. I tried to cut my lunch down to a smaller portion. A few minutes later I was very again… only to realize it was nearly two hours later, and I had been so immersed in my work that the time flew. It was not... Continue Reading →

Day 97

This week I am more stressed than usual. I have a deadline to finish creating a course which I have been working on, and which I must deliver Thursday. I will make my hard deadline, but it will be close. If I had been able to work Sunday afternoon (as had been the plan, then... Continue Reading →

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