Day 125

I went to the doctor’s office this morning without first checking what I weighed three weeks ago, and so it took nearly an hour for me to get home (after running some errands) and to determine that I actually gained an entire kilogram since my last weigh-in. The usual nurse (Mel) was not there either, it was the small Indian girl whose name I do not know, and who does not seem to have much personality beyond doing her job, which she does quite capably from what I have seen. It would have been nice though to have some perspective… Mel would have gone back and said ‘Oh, so you have gained a kilogram from the last weigh-in. That’s probably because of your vacation, but is there anything else going on? Also, did she say yes??’

Yes Leslie, the doctor and nurse were in on it too.

I should be happy that after a week on an all-inclusive resort I was not up more than a kilogram, but I also know that it has been a lot of factors here that affected it, not the least of which was the large breakfast with my kids on Sunday, and the late-night meal replacements. Also, I am eating far too many peanuts. I have to cut down on them.

I miss Leslie and I wish she could be here… or that I could be there. I think we are both done with this long-distance thing and want to be living together already. I did not claim that patience was one of our virtues… although I do try.

It is a lovely day outside, and I do not have a lot to do today. I should do some studying form an exam I want to take in the next month, but I can do that on the rainy days. Today I am going to relax.

I should mention that this morning I did not have a meal replacement shake, as I was going to the doctor. On my way home, after stopping in at Pet Smart to pick up treats for the princess, I also stopped at Bulk Barn and bought peanuts. While I bought a larger bag than I needed to, I have not finished them. I snacked on the way home, and I made that my breakfast, rather than eating those and then having a meal replacement when I got in. I will prepare a nice chicken lunch, and will go about the rest of my day.

Have a great day folks!

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