Day 137

I am a little disappointed to be nearly one pound up today over yesterday. Even though I did cheat (I had 100g of peanuts, as well as a kiwi (thanks to my son… long story), and a couple of pieces of dried mango. I do not think that any of those were the reason I was up. I suspect that the chicken wings from Costco are super high in salt, and I am retaining water. Tomorrow, if I am good today, will be better. Of course, this afternoon I will be at Eduardo’s birthday party barbecue, and I have to be careful what I eat there.

I golfed much better yesterday than the previous two rounds. Some might say that is because I golfed at a slightly easier course; I think it is because I shanked the ball less than I did on my previous two outings. It doesn’t matter how easy or difficult a course is if you keep shanking the ball.

After the game, I stopped at Bulk Barn (I knew I was not going home) and I picked up my peanuts. We all went back to Ryan’s place for a cigar, and we were joined by his neighbour. He’s a nice enough guy, but he is a salty old, retired cop, and he spent the hour that we were sitting there complaining about absolutely everything that he felt was wrong in the world. I lost count, but if he did not say the word ‘fuck’ over three hundred times then I would be surprised. I finally did something that I cannot remember ever doing. I stood up (in the middle of one of his rants… it would have been hard to wait until the end of one to be polite, because if you blinked, he would have started in on a new one) and excused myself, telling our host that I had to go. I thought about texting him from the car to tell him why I left but decided against it. I do not know what everyone else’s position is on everything, and I did not want to offend him. Later in the afternoon I called Ryan to apologize, and he said ‘Look, Mitch… I knew when you looked at me that you weren’t enjoying it. Sometimes when he goes off, I have to walk away too. No apology needed!’ I was relieved… I never want to offend a friend, but at a certain point I was either going to explode on the guy or walk away. Better to walk away, I think!

After taking HRF Princess Sophie for a walk, I made lunch. I realized my mistake in freezing the entire load of chicken wings as one, something that I usually would not do. Not only was I eating them for lunch, but that would also be my dinner. With lunch I tossed some vegetables with olive oil and seasoning and roasted them. With dinner I had a salad. After my lunch, I was chatting with Leslie and asked if she would like to have a virtual date night after her son was in bed. She told me that there was no way I was going to stay up that late! I told her I was going to nap so that I could… and so my pup and I got a couple of hours sleep in the late afternoon.

The virtual date was going really well, until HRF started giving me signals. Usually, she tells me with her eyes that it is time to go inside, and so at 10:30pm or so I did just that. However, she made it clear that she wanted to go outside… and that is a sign that no dog owner should ignore. I told Leslie I would call her back, and the pup and I went for a little walk. Who knew that waking up so early in the morning would throw her schedule off like that? She thanked me for taking her out, and I was able to resume my date with my fiancée.

It is time for me to start the day. I am taking cigars to the birthday party, so I have to pick what I am bringing. As well, I am gifting him a box of cigars… but those were selected a couple of weeks ago. I am tempted to lie down and rest for another hour, but I will probably just surf the net for a while and then head out.

It is a beautiful day out, so enjoy it folks… wherever you may be!

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