Day 166

The day started earlier than needed when a Princess Sophie decided she wanted to go out earlier than usual. Okay, 7am is not really a stretch, so Leslie and I took her for a walk. When we came back, I resumed my normal morning routine. The bathroom scale showed a great number… 2.4lbs down! I’ll take that any day of the week!

Because of jet lag, a late night, and an early morning we took a mid-morning nap. Afterwards, we took our showers, and I made us lunch. Oh, and I trimmed my beard down and shocked my wife (and not in a very positive way). I’ll remember to not do that without consulting her in the future!

Leslie asked me for a tuna sandwich for lunch. She says I make the best tuna sandwich she has ever tasted, and I love giving her what she wants. Last night we bought a challah roll for that purpose, and she loved it. I had leftover chicken… and the last inch of her sandwich 🙂

We spent the afternoon in Niagara. We bought fresh strawberries and cherries from the farmers, and that is really the best way to get them. We snacked on some of them in the car, and they were scrumptious! We also stopped at a couple of lookout spots to look out at nature. It really is gorgeous down there.

We stopped at a place that has a giant moose sculpture for a bit, and bought some goodies: we bought maple syrup for her to take home to friends, we bought a t-shirt for her son, and we adopted a bunny moose who has tremendous emotional significance for us both, for reasons I will not go into here. He still doesn’t have a name, but I suspect Leslie will love that buddy forever!

For dinner we had pickerel with dill which was delicious, and a salad of course. We are about to sit down for desert… berries and cherries!

Have a great day folks!

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