Dragging My Ass

I was exhausted by the last hour of my class today, and I just wanted it to be over. I did not want it to end so that I could embark on a trailblazing walk, I just wanted to crawl into bed. No Mitch, you set a goal for yourself, and if you do not go for a good walk today, you will never be able to make up those crucial kilometres by Sunday. I had to go.

I was just a little out of sorts, which is to say that things were not falling into place. I have a usual routine that I follow in the afternoons, and despite my intent to punish myself with a long walk, I just could not get into my after-class pattern. I cannot point to any reason for that, but that does not make it less true. I did get into my exercise kit, and prepared my satchel with a bottle of water and a face towel. I left it by the door so that I could take Princess Sophie for a walk, and then grab it when I dropped her off… and that is exactly what happened. Still and all, something was missing. Something just wasn’t right.

It was warm, but that did not account for the slower than usual pace of my walking. Kilometre after kilometre I was disappointed by my times, especially after how well I have been doing this week. Even wearing my swiftest shoes (the Adidas that Leslie bought me), my best split-pace time was 10m38s. That, my friends, is not nearly at the standard I have been setting for myself these last few weeks.

I did have a little trouble with my ankle in my second kilometre, but that sorted itself out. I did not feel any aching in it once I got past that second km. It was not the issue.

After 6.5 kilometres I needed to stop for a break. I could not figure out what was wrong, I just did not have the energy I usually do. I was two kilometres from home, and I would be able to resume after a five-minute siesta, which is exactly what happened. It was as I sat on that bench that I figured it out. Eureka!

I missed two activities as part of my pre-walk routine. The first was speaking with my wife; while I enjoy it, that was not what was wrong. The second… I make a meal replacement protein shake, which I usually drink while speaking with her. Protein is fuel. By skipping that step, I doomed today’s walk to mediocrity.

  • Distance: 8.5 km (8.5 km)
  • Duration: 1:33:00 (1:27:43)
  • Average Pace (Min/km): 10:56 (10:19)
  • Best Split-Pace Kilometre: 10m38s
  • Steps: 10.8k (10.6k)
  • Calories burned: 991 (1,156)
  • Elevation gain: 34.1 (34.6m)
  • Average cadence (steps per minute): 116 (122)

While today’s walk is not going to impress me in any way, it did accomplish one important mission. I said this morning that I was setting a goal to walk 55km this week, from Monday to Sunday. Today’s 8.5km brings my total to 40km, which means that I do not to break any speed records this weekend, I just need to go out for my usual walk, making sure that I do not fall short. If my body cooperates, tomorrow I am going to try to push my distance, knowing that there are thunderstorms in the forecast for Sunday. The more I get in tomorrow, the less that is needed for Sunday.

I had my protein shake as I wrote this entry; it is nice to know that I still have one more shake that I can have this evening without cheating. I will probably have it after my cigar… we’ll see. For now, I am hitting the shower, and then I am calling my wife.

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