Better Together

This morning, for the first time ever, I set out on a fitness walk with another person. Leslie and I started out from home, and did a strong 6.5 km walk in the heat. I was expecting to have to slow my pace for her, but that was absolutely not the case. Leslie is in better shape than I thought, and while we did not try to beat any records (I was wearing a new pair of shoes, on top of a slightly painful foot), we had a great time of it. I know that when she participates in her company’s 5km walk next month she will absolutely knock ‘em all dead!

We are going to split the leftover Lebanese food for lunch, and then for dinner we will find something in The Colony, around the Cigars International Superstore (where we will end up for a cigar and a beverage at the end of the evening). It is so wonderful to have a partner with whom I share so many interests!

When we came in from the walk, as we were cooling down, hydrating, and regulating our body temperatures before showering, we had a great conversation, during which Leslie told me something that I can never know for myself, but which is a huge non-scale victory. She told me that I am not snoring anymore. I know that I am sleeping slightly better and definitely more comfortably than when I was at my heaviest, but the snoring is something that I have always been aware of, either because of partners, or when I shared a hotel with a friend or co-worker. When I am heavier, I snore; when I am lighter I do not. While I do not know exactly where the line of demarcation is; I know that the last time Leslie and I spent the night together I was twenty pounds heavier, and I assume I was still snoring then. So I have a pretty good idea where the line is.

Time for lunch. Have a great day!

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