Day 238

I have to start remembering that on days when I have a meal with my son, I am going to be eating at a restaurant. Why then would I have the full lunch, and full supper? It is probably because I do not want to break my routine of eating at lunch time. He and I went to Lone Star Grill, where I ordered a grilled chicken fajita bowl (without the cheese). Unfortunately, they also put out a plate of nachos and salsa, which I indulged in. I consider that a failure. My son ordered an appetizer of queso and chips which I did not touch. I chalked that up as a success. Of course, my avoidance of the dip was not only a weight issue; I do not mix dairy with meat… or chicken.

At the end of the meal, Gilad asked to take most of his dinner home with him. This is not unusual – he fills up on the dip, and then has one or two chicken wings. He asked if I wanted to share an order of churros for dessert, and I told him I did not. I asked him if he would like to get an order of churros to take home with him, and he was happy with that. Sitting and watching him eat (or mostly neglect) the plate of chicken wings was more than enough for me.

In a few minutes I will drive to the doctor’s office to get weighed. I am not expecting any great progress from two weeks ago. If I am down even half a kilo then I will consider it a win, after the disastrous week I had in Montreal… and even yesterday with the chips. On the bathroom scale this morning I did not gain weight, but I did not lose any either. After the weigh-in, I am having a minor surgical procedure to remove a couple of skin tags that have been bothering me for years. All told, I should be home by noon.

For the first time since mid-July, I am having my apartment cleaned today. I do not live like a slob, and so it is not nearly as bad as it could be. I do so like having everything cleaned though. She does not do a great job, but she does well enough. When she is done (at 5:00pm) I will go for a long walk, having skipped yesterday.

It is a lovely day out, and by the time I am ready for my walk, it should still be 22° Celsius out. That should make for great conditions for a comfortable walk, whether it be for 8km or longer. I will make that decision likely around the halfway point of my outing, based on what my body is saying to me.

Have a great day folks!

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