Day 319

I was almost perfect on my program yesterday, and yet my weight is up nearly a pound from yesterday. It is so frustrating, but I also know that weight loss is about the trend, and not the individual dots on the chart. I will keep at it today. I am going to be out for a lot of the day, to Milton for the first match, then Cambridge for the afternoon… where I hope they will allow me to watch the second match on one of the several televisions in the cigar lounge. Other than that? I just have to stay on track and keep my eyes on the prize.

Aside from my weight this morning, yesterday was a resounding success. I went to the walk-in clinic, where they prescribed the same meds that had my knee feeling better a couple of weeks ago. After three pills so far, the pain is gone! That does not mean that I will stop the course of treatment… I want to keep the pain away. I went to the lab to have my blood sucked by the vampire, and while I waited, I went out to the pharmacy in the lobby to fill my prescription, telling them I would collect it after my appointment. I was halfway home by the time I realized I had not done so and would have to double back. No matter, I continued into Burlington, where I filled my gas tank, filled my empty propane tank, and stopped in to Sleep Country to redeem my warranty claim on my mattress. The new one will be delivered next Monday.

From there I doubled back to the pharmacy to collect my pills. As it turned out, the doubling back was not out of the way. While I was in Burlington, Sam called me to invite me to his cousin’s place to watch the match and to smoke cigars. It was truly a great afternoon; the cousin (Tony) and I got along very well, and I doubt this will be a one-off visit.

Off to start my day all! There’s football to be watched.

Have a great day folks!

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