Day 333

I have made no secret that I have not been happy these last couple of weeks. I have done everything I can to stay as upbeat as possible, but that has not been very much. I have been and will continue to be coy about what has been causing this sadness, and I shall continue to be so. With that said, there are some days that show a glimmer of hope. Yesterday was such a day. Thank you.

Once again, I was hoping to drop into best-weight-yet territory this morning, but it was not to be. In truth, I stepped onto the scale five times this morning, with one register in b-w-y territory… but the other four registers were too consistent to ignore. I did not cheat yesterday, and I will try to not cheat today. If I continue as I have, this plateau will eventually break, and I have to be patient with that.

The new meal replacement bars that I ordered from Amazon Canada arrived yesterday, and I tried one of them. I was surprised to see that their caloric values are much higher than I expected. With that said, they taste really good. I do not know if I will make them a daily item, but as an occasional treat they will work well.

Returning home from my walk with Her Floofness this morning I was and continue to be light-headed. Until now I thought it was just hunger and a need for calories, but I am nearly finished my morning meal replacement shake, and I am still feeling it. I will keep an eye on that, and if it continues then I will do something about it.

I am off to Eduardo’s to watch the final match. My Argentina side versus the hated French. Let’s go Argentina! Bring it home for us!

Have a great day folks!

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