Day 349

How nice it would have been to step onto the bathroom scale this morning and, for the second day in a row, find myself in best-weight-yet territory. Knowing that I did not cheat at all on my program yesterday, and knowing that I drank a lot of water, and that I had a healthy bowel movement this morning, it was really what I would have expected. Not the case. In fact, I was a full two pounds heavier than I was yesterday morning. I have no idea what that is about, other than to try to remember that weight loss – even when we follow the program perfectly – will never be a straight downward line. Yes, I hate days like this… but they are a good reminder that if I stay on track today (and tomorrow, and a few more tomorrows after that) then I will lose the weight that I have been working to lose, and it will all be worth it.

Yes, I stayed true yesterday. Perhaps it could be considered a cheat that I had my third meal replacement at 9:30pm, but I was hungry… and while it was later than I usually like, it was still well within what I am allowed to eat on my program. I also drank a litre of water at the same time, which had me peeing more throughout the night than I would like. I do not know if I got out of be two or three times, but it was more than usual.

I have gotten through a lot of work this morning, which is why I find myself writing this journal entry at 11:00am. Once I press PUBLISH, I am going to go to the supermarket to do some shopping. While I have chicken for today, I am out of vegetables. Also, if I do not pick up more today, I will need to go to the store tomorrow anyways, because I will be out of chicken. I might as well make a single trip. My goal is to stay on track and not buy anything that I do not need, or that might tempt me to cheat. I need vegetables, I need chicken. It is Tuesday, so I will not need bread until Friday. If I decide that I want hamburgers this week, I will have to eat them without the buns. Oh, speaking of which, I have to pick up mustard. There will be no cookies, no chips, no popcorn. I don’t care what the post-holiday sales are like, I am going to stay on track.

I am teaching this evening, and I am excited to get back to it. I think I have everything I need ready to jump back into it – I know exactly which slide I finished with three weeks ago, and I know exactly what I will be covering today. Nonetheless, I might go through some demos this afternoon to make sure I can jump back into the groove.

I was thinking about going to the gym this afternoon. My back and shoulder are very achy, and I know that I have to be sitting at my computer all evening to deliver my class. I am going to hold off until tomorrow afternoon, just to be safe. I have my doctor’s appointment in the morning, followed by an onboarding session with a training company at noon. After that, I will prepare my lunch, and head to the gym. I might be in pain tomorrow evening, but I do not have to teach tomorrow, so whether I just lie in a more comfortable position, or if I need to take pain meds (which I really hope not to need), I will be able to.

Once again, my friend and Master told me that he might come over today. Yesterday he was supposed to come between 2:00-2:30, and at 2:45 he called to tell me that he was not coming but might come today. He is my Master and I owe him so much, but I am trying to figure out how to make him understand that when he says he is coming, I cannot make plans for the day beyond a 20–30-minute drive from the house. I have not seen him in a year, and that is often the frequency with which I see him… but that does not change the fact that in the last six weeks he has told either Eduardo or me that he would be coming over and has not.

The plan for the day is to stay on track, and hopefully I will be able to stick to the meal plan. I just called my Master who told me he will not come over today, maybe tomorrow. I told him that he cannot come over tomorrow because I have plans. I am trying to make him understand that every time he tells me he might come over, I cannot plan anything else for that day… and I am done with that. I have too many things I need to do, too many people I would like to see, and I am not going to reserve a day again for this. It grinds me and it makes me sad because I do love him… but I cannot live my life around unreliability. Whether I go to the gym tomorrow afternoon or not, I will not let him block off part of my day that I could otherwise spend doing my own thing.

Okay, I have put it off long enough. I will head to the supermarket now. Princess Sophie is on a play date next door, so I do not have to worry about her for a few hours. I assume she will be back in time to keep me company during class, but I will be able to eat my lunch in peace.

Have a great day folks!

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