Day 357, 4:45 – 6:00pm

I have gotten through much of the day so far, and while there have been challenging moments of hunger, I really think they were all in my mind. In fact, I feel hungry right now… even though I just finished my third meal replacement shake of the day. They have not been spaced out evenly, but I am confident now that I will make it through the day without faltering. I always expected that Day 1 of the regimen would be the hardest of them, so the fact that I now feel confident that I will get through the day, I feel better that my plan to spend at least a week (and possibly longer) on the strict program can actually succeed. Tomorrow will likely be easier, as I am again working from 9:30am through 9:30pm. The busier I am, the less likely I am to succumb to temptation out of boredom. The weekend will be the challenge, starting Friday night. I have decided that I will break with tradition and will not buy my challah to say my prayers. I will have a sip of wine, but I will literally pour the smallest drop allowable for the prayers.

When I started on the program the last two times, I was starting from nothing… and from my heaviest weight. Both of those times I lost around fifteen pounds in the first week. I do not expect anything like that this time; the more you weigh, the easier it is to take off a lot at the beginning. That does not mean that I would be displeased to lose ten pounds from now to next Wednesday… but I will be happy if I can lose even six pounds. It is a coincidence that my next appointment with the doctor is Wednesday next week, but I do look forward to seeing the look on Nurse Mel’s face when she sees that I am at least three (and hopefully more) kilograms down. Not for nothing, but I really hope that is a very conservative estimate. Ten pounds is about 4.5kg… and I am already almost four pounds (1.8kg) down (according to my bathroom scale) from what I weighed last week when I last weighed in.

My day is nearing its end. I started writing this nearly an hour ago but had to stop when class resumed. My students are once again working on labs, so I can finish up. I have had three meal replacements shakes today (8:30am, 1:15pm, 4:30pm), which means that if I want to, I can have two more shakes without veering from the strict parameters of the program. I will likely have one after I take Princess Sophie for a walk, so around 6:30pm. If I feel the need, I will have my last one around 9:30pm… but if I do not need it, I will not drink it. If I do drink it, then my daily caloric intake, excluding three cups of coffee with almond milk and a small amount of raw sugar, will be 800 calories. I put about half a teaspoon in each cup of coffee, which means that three cups would have 22 calories in them. I would be more concerned with the 4g of carbohydrates than with the calories. I know that a cup of my almond milk has 60 calories and 8g of carbohydrates, so the amount that I use for three cups of coffee it would be around 10 calories and less than 2g of carbohydrates. If I can maintain this cadence for a week or two, it is conceivable that I could lose 15 lbs. before the end of January. More exciting, if I lose six pounds in the next seven days, I will have lost 100 lbs in the year. I just realized that now, and that is going to give me the encouragement to make it happen!

Okay, my class is over. I forgot that I have to run into downtown Burlington quickly to pick something up, so I will not be having my evening shake until at least 7:00pm. Honestly, the later I have Shake #4, the less likely I am to have Shake #5.

Have a great evening folks!

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