On my way…

I wrote the following in a Facebook support group. The fact that I feel full is a huge step!

“This is a good sign! I arrived at the airport this morning, 3.5 hours before my flight (in anticipation of US Immigration issues). I have been ready to take a break from my full-fast for the week that I am with my wife, but I expected that to start tonight. Unfortunately, in my excitement to see her after two months, I packed all of my meal replacements in my checked suitcase. Okay, off a few hours early. I had 20 Pringles (not an entire serving) and a bag of almonds (one serving)… and I am full. Yay! I do not feel the need to eat more (the temptation, yes… not the NEED) and I feel like I will make it from here to Dallas without needing anything more.”

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