Delays and Temptations

It took an extra 90 minutes in the terminal, including a gate change (and aircraft change) but I am on the plane waiting for boarding to complete so that we can take off and get out of here. That 90 minute delay was stressful, exacerbated by not knowing when we would take off and if I would make my connection in New York. I really want to get home tonight.

The extra stress made it extra hard to not cheat. While my plan was to wait until we were in the air before enjoying my protein bar, we were supposed to be in the air 90 minutes ago, and I did not think the stress and the delays and the hunger, mixed with all of the temptations I mentioned in my previous post, made for a good combo for staying faithful to my weight loss program. Modified as the program might be, there are few healthy and smart options available from the convenience stores that litter every airport terminal in North America (and most of the world).

We should be arriving in New York shortly before 7:00pm, which will give me just enough time to walk the six gates to my connecting flight. If I was worried I might need to eat at LaGuardia, I now know I will not have time. While I am not supposed to restart my full fast program until tomorrow, the protein bars I brought with me, along with the package of raw almonds I have in my bag, will make it close enough to full-fast.

Tomorrow morning I will be on my full fast program, which will be easier because I have all of the meal replacements I need at home. While I do not know if I will have lost weight tomorrow because of the travel, it is highly unlikely that I will weigh as much as I did a week ago this morning when I last stepped onto my Canadian bathroom scale. I said from the beginning that anything less than a two-pound gain would be a victory. An actual loss will be huge for me!

Boarding is almost complete and we are just going to the deicing area before taking off, but then we will be on our way. Getting out of Dallas and the veritable ice storm they are recovering from will be a relief. I already miss Leslie, but that cannot be helped. Hers is the only bed I prefer sleeping in to my own… but until things are approved, our monthly visits are still a godsend. As it stands, at least I might sleep in my own bed tonight…

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