Day 473

Okay, I gained weight again this morning. Yes, I cheated again yesterday – it was a travel day, after all. I still weigh slightly less than I did the morning we flew to California, which means that I absolutely succeeded in my goal of not gaining too much during the trip.

I taught this morning (as I will all week), and class will end in a few minutes. Once it does, I will have lunch and then I will go for a jog. Don’t ask me why I am having lunch, it has to do with my final cheat yesterday. I will be on the partial program for a couple of days, and then back on it by Wednesday or Thursday. The weather is nice – partly cloudy for the rest of the afternoon, reaching 20° by 3:00pm. As there is no rain in the forecast, I plan to jog outside.

My body battery is a paltry 52/100, after another less than ideal night of sleep. If Leslie was concerned that I was not sleeping because of here, last night proved that she was not the reason. I will try again tonight, but in the meantime I am not setting my expectations too high for my jog – hopefully I can hit 5km.

Have a great day folks!

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