Day 140

I stepped onto the scale this morning expecting to see the wrath of my cheating. I was surprised to be .6 lbs down from yesterday, which is awesome. The good news is that there is no more dried mango in the house. I will also admit that yes, I had some peanuts yesterday morning.

There are days when it is harder being apart from my fiancée than others. Yesterday was one of the hard ones. It was her birthday, and she is not a huge fan of birthdays. Like any good, thoughtful, caring fiancée would, I called the florist on Monday and ordered a delivery, along with a lovely card. Yesterday morning I called her to wish her a happy birthday, and we chatted sporadically throughout the day (as we often do). Toward the end of the day, after she had expressed her exasperation about many things, I started to worry that wait… why hadn’t she at least gotten the flowers? I asked if she had received any deliveries, and she said she had not. I called the florist, but they were already closed. I sent an email expressing my displeasure (as politely as possible). Unfortunately, if they were closed, I would likely not get a response or satisfaction until the following day. Sure enough, this morning they responded that there was some sort of printer problem which prevented them from fulfilling the order, but it would be delivered first thing today… and it was, but still a day late.

So how did I cheat yesterday? I think I have mentioned that I buy and stock certain snacks for Leslie (and I suppose for whoever else comes over and wants a snack) in the house. Of these, the only one that I really love is the dried mangos. Leslie knows this and does her best to hide them from me when she is not here. I have never really gone looking for them (well, once…) and they have never magically jumped out from their hiding place to tempt me… until last week. I was showing her son something in my pantry on video call, and I accidentally nudged a box of her cookies, causing them to fall… heavier than they should have. It turns out she hid the dried mangos in one place she knew I would never look! The good news is that there are no more dried mangos in the house to tempt me.

The cleaning lady is coming today, but I also have some shopping to do. I am going to head out to the supermarket in a few minutes, and then at 2pm I will pick her up from the train station. I have nothing else planned for the day, although I might do some work on renewing expiring certifications. We’ll see.

Have a great day folks!

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