Day 140

I stepped onto the scale this morning expecting to see the wrath of my cheating. I was surprised to be .6 lbs down from yesterday, which is awesome. The good news is that there is no more dried mango in the house. I will also admit that yes, I had some peanuts yesterday morning.There are... Continue Reading →

Day 120

Today is the day that I get back on track. I dropped Leslie at the airport yesterday morning, but before I did, I took her to Stacked for breakfast. While I had the healthy option, I did take a few bites of her French toast. The drive to the airport and dropping her off is... Continue Reading →

The End of a Stressful Day

It is 9:15pm, and I am looking back on the day. I tried to cut my lunch down to a smaller portion. A few minutes later I was very again… only to realize it was nearly two hours later, and I had been so immersed in my work that the time flew. It was not... Continue Reading →

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