Day 142

A few extra mangos and some peanuts a few days ago caused my weight to jump nearly a pound and a half. Yet this morning, after a mostly good day, I was only down .2 lbs. Yes, I did have a couple of extra meal replacements… but I was still on a pretty good day. I know, that’s the way it goes… one cheat can take a week to recover from. Those darned mangos!

Yes, I am in a better mood today than I was yesterday. While I am always completely open about my feelings and experiences and emotions, I exercise extreme discretion when it comes to others. My children and I have had discussions recently that have really thrown my emotions and affected my eating. The same is occasionally true for other people in my life, be they friends or loved ones. I write around those things because I do not want anyone to feel betrayed. Please understand that it is not me denying or hiding my feelings or emotions. I do discuss them… but I do not write about them when others might feel betrayed. Yes, Leslie and Lyle and occasionally Stephane get an earful about what I am going through!

In six days, I will be in Dallas with my fiancée once more. I miss her so much. Our physical separation is painful, and I am so excited that in less than a week I will be able to hold her in my arms again. We have established what we call the ‘Rectangle Zone’ and the ‘Rectangle-Free Zone’… the times when we have to video chat versus the times we are actually together. It is always a relief to be with her again in the RFZ.

After lunch today I am going to head over to Lyle’s house for a cigar on the patio. The temperatures will not be too hot (high of 22°c, but sunny), which means it will be nice and comfortable. Of course, with the configuration of their house, we might want to sit at the bottom of the stairs… the patio does not get any sun until the late afternoon, and we have found ourselves having to wear sweaters in the shade on the patio when we can be wearing t-shirts in his driveway. We’ll see. I think the last time I was there was Princess Sophie’s birthday, so not quite but close to two weeks ago. It will be good to spend time chatting with him.

The weekend looks like there will be a mix of sun and rain, so I am not going to take the chance and try to golf. I’ll save that for early next week. Sunday morning I will try to take my son (the younger) for breakfast. Yes, I will try to stay true.

Have a great day folks!

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