Day 253

As I had hoped, I was happy with the numbers on the scale again this morning. At just over 315lbs, I am hoping that I can have a few more good days before heading to California. Don’t get me wrong. I do not plan to indulge in California. I am just saying that I want to stay on track here. I will be taking meal replacements with me and will even be fasting for Yom Kippur.

I was chatting with a friend that I will be connecting with when I am there, and he said I was looking good in a picture that I posted. I thought about it for a minute, and then looked it up. This morning I am 33lbs lighter than the day that I left California. I forget, when I remember back to what I weighed two years ago, that sixteen months ago I was hovering just below the 350lbs mark, never mind what I weighed 253 days ago. I remember around February when one of my California buddies was video chatting with me and said something like, ‘Mitch, what happened? You were doing so well!’ I felt horrible, even though I was back on the program, trying to get healthy again. I am glad that I am going back there looking… well, not as slim as I did two years ago, but still much slimmer than when I left there.

The forecast for today is not as hot as it was yesterday. I have a meeting for an hour this morning, and then I will kit up for a walk. I do not know if I will be breaking records today, but with the slightly cooler temperatures, I should be able to have another epic day. Over the past nine days I have averaged over 11,000 steps per day… and that includes four days that were abysmal with regard to step count. If I had registered just one more good fitness walk this month, I would likely be ready to collect the September Step Month badge from Garmin Connect… which would mean 300,000 steps for the month (or at least 10,000 steps per day). With only today and tomorrow left in the month, I am 41,700 steps short of that goal. Two good days will leave me short by about 10,000 steps. I would have to make both today’s and tomorrow’s fitness walk 13km each for it to be on the table. That is not likely. I will, however, try to get the October Step Month badge!

As we hoped, Leslie and I took her son for sushi last night. It was very good, and I indulged. I did not go over the top, but I did have a good healthy meal. I suspect that had I held back, I might have been .2lbs lighter this morning. In the balance, I think the indulgent meal was worth it.

I am hoping to speak with my weight loss buddy today. I hope she is doing well, and we have a lot to discuss. I also realized that I should probably plan to order another case of meal replacements to be delivered when I am back in Dallas after California, so that I will be able to take them back to Canada with me. I will take inventory today and see what I have left, and then plan accordingly. I will also be taking meal replacements with me to California, and if I am going to do that, then I had better think about ordering a proper shaker bottle… while my buddy might have a blender, I will be out and about most of the time, and I cannot rely on that. Amazon, here I come.

Have a great day folks!

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