Day 305

After a long day not being able to do anything, we drove my son the younger home, and I took Leslie for a scrumptious Greek dinner. Here’s a tip: it hardly matters how good you are on your diet. If you finish dinner with a Chocolate and Almond Baklava with a scoop of ice cream, you are unlikely to lose weight that day. I was only up a fifth of a pound, which I’ll call a success.

Leslie and I ran errands today after sharing an omelette for breakfast. I made chicken with a Buffalo sauce for lunch. Now we are sitting at the walk-in clinic hoping the doctor will magically fix my knee.

Dinner will be leftovers – both Greek from last night and chicken from lunch. I am hoping my knee will not be in so much pain, and I can resume some sort of physical activity.

I did not sleep badly last night. Tonight might be better… we bought new pillows!

Have a great day folks!

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